Softmed Technology

European representative of LD Technology

 Combination of Electro-Sensors  

  Softmed Technology is dedicated to improving patient care and safety by distributing and marketing electro-sensor devices in Europe , which can be used in combination such as a monitor physiological patient, with specific software including data management and mathematical algorithms . This new concept provides safe, precise and easy to use solutions to the physicians into daily practice.
In 7 minutes time of non-invasive exam, using new mathematical signal processing analysis of spectrophotometric, oscillometric and galvanic skin response devices, , ANS1 software managing TM-Oxi and SudoPath systems displays an Autonomic nervous system , endothelial vascular function and sudomotor function assessment.

    Peer reviews , studies and evidence base
Following the peer reviews using TM-Oxi and SudoPath data and published studies carried out in University of Miami (USA) and Multicenters in India, evidence base for data accuracy and intended uses of TM-Oxi and SudoPath in Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases have been demonstrated. read more